Single Serving XXL Cookie Countdown

Wipe that store-bought cookie crumble of you face, right now! And get down to baking your own giant hyper super cookie. For all you bigger sweet tooths, these are a perfect XXL size. Dead meat thereafter.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie for One

First one up is this chocolate chip and peanut butter packed monster size cookie. Looks super soft on the inside and just a bit of crisp on the outside. Would love to munch one down so bad right now…that’s how goo{ooooooooo}d it looks.

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Ice Cream Fresh Strawberry Tartlet for One – with a Twist

"Impatient" Ice Cream Fresh Strawberry Tart for One - by

This recipe for my “impatient” ice cream  fresh strawberry tartlet came to be as an accident/mess of many things.
My baking usually resembles a chaotic rant of ADD – I roam the web searching for inspiration and want to try absolutely everything at once. I wanted to make vanilla custard, then chocolate ice cream, something with strawberries, then a no-bake cake, then chocolate custard – and the list goes on, endlessly. Somewhere in between tastings, I realised I’m getting absolutely nowhere. But I was in fact getting somewhere. Continue reading »

Churros and Chocolate Recipe for One Serving


With this churros and chocolate recipe I just wanted to settle an argument with myself…and make someone certain drool {hope it works!}.

A few months back I was on a short holiday in Spain with a friend. Our host in Malaga was eager to give us the “real” spanish experience. Even though, I’d been to spain many times, I’d never heard of those “churros”.

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